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A one-troll mission to save the kingdom of Alkria

is a teenage troll living with his older brother Oglie in the dungeons of the Alkria's castle. When one day the evil dragon Quido descended on the land, his carefree life is turned upside down. Vanda the sorceress, who left a few weeks ago to bring some help is not coming back, so it is now on little Towdie to overcome all the obstacles which get into his way, unite the remaining citizens of the kingdom and, with their help, try and defeat the dragon Quido.

Towdie is a platform adventure game published in 1994 by Ultrasoft for the ZX Spectrum home computer. The game, similar in style to Dizzy series, is set in a fantasy land called Alkria and follows adventures of a little restless creature called Towdie. The player controls Towdie, the titular character, who is on the treacherous mission to save the kingdom of Alkria from the claws of the evil dragon Quido.

Towdie was just too good to be left collecting dust in the dark depths of the vaults of forgotten games. Therefore we have decided to give this game a complete 21 century graphics overhaul so that the (mis)adventures of little Towdie can be enjoyed by a completely new generation of gamers.

We are planning to release this game in 3 formats: for Android tablets, iPad and PC.

The work on the remake has already started!

Amazing transformation of the 90s classic

This is a first preview of the re-imagined version of Towdie. Of course, this is just a still picture of what will be
in the game a live scenery. Fire in the hearth, flames on the chandelier, bubbling cauldron,
twinkling stars behind the windows and of course, Towdie and the cook, will be all animated.