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Ultrasoft Re-loaded Retro Series

Louis M. Wittek, managing director and a founder of Cyberdreams Ltd is also a founder of the former Ultrasoft Ltd, which was the biggest game software developer and publisher in Czechoslovakia and, arguably, one of the biggest European producers of computer games during the 1990s. Amongst countless game titles, which Ultrasoft published, were a few real gems - games far too good to be consigned to the graveyard of video game history.

As a rightful inheritor of intellectual property rights to these titles we have decided to resurrect the best of them under the Ultrasoft Re-loaded Retro Series brand.

First two titles, which were already remade, are puzzle games ATOMIX and its sequel HEXAGONIA - these two games, now with the complete graphics overhaul, feel like they were always meant for the touch-screen devices.

Two additional games, CRUX 92 and DOUBLE DASH, which will be re-launched under the names CRUX 2012 (as 2012 was the year when development of this title started) and DIAMOND RUSH (as the remade version will be for one player only, unlike the original, which was for two players - hence the 'double' in the title) are already in pre-production and few more titles are under consideration (see below).

The games are initially published on Android platform and are particularly aimed at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 / 8.9 / 7.7 / Note (and other tablets with screen resolution 1280 x 800 running Android 3.0 or higher - such as the new Nexus 7), but the iPad versions will be following shortly.

Below are brief descriptions and screenshots of further 4 game titles from the Ultrasoft's extensive back catalogue which are all hot candidates for a remake. No decision has been made yet when, and indeed whether, any of these games will be re-imagined. Do you feel strongly (regardless if pro or contra) about any of these games being remade? Please let us know.

Games under consideration for a remake


This uniquely original puzzle game lets the player control two characters, who must co-operate in order to overcome various obstacles and find the exit from each of the 50 rooms. The rooms are full of switches which operate trapdoors, lifts and platforms. The goal is to progress gradually through all 50 rooms and reach the main chamber of the Temple of the Sun.

Phantom F4

Before first-person shooters, there were third-person side-scrolling shooters and Phantom F4 was one of the better representations of this genre. The game puts you into role of an elite commando whose goal is to defeat the terrorists and save the hostage.

Pedro trilogy

The main character in these three platform adventure games is a globe-trotting, Indiana Jones-like Mexican adventurer called Pedro. Pedro's multiple adventures span 3 games and take him to many amazing and mysterious places such as the treacherous caves underneath the Pirates' Island, the dark corridors and opulent halls of the Haunted Castle, and eventually the secret tombs of the pharaohs in the Land of Pyramids.


This sci-fi graphic adventure game puts you into role of an astronaut returning from a multi-generation space mission back to planet Earth. But you find the whole Earth empty and deserted. What happened to all the humanity? This is the question to which you have to find an answer.

In addition to 34 games which Ultrasoft released during its existence, the company published also a dozen or so non-game titles, mostly for learning foreign languages, as well as text, image, sound and music editors.