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Towdie project is now on Kickstarter

01-05-2013 - Towdie needs your help on Kickstarter!

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Cyberdreams is now running a Kickstarter campaign to try and crowd-source the funds necessary for the development of the graphic adventure Towdie. The campaign runs until 30 June.

Please support little Towdie on Kickstarter and help us make this lovely game a reality!   CLICK HERE

Towdie project is on the way

20-02-2013 - The search for a suitable graphic designer is finally over

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Towdie was on our to-do list for a long time, but we were struggling to find a graphic designer who will be up to the job and whose graphic style would be a perfect match for the fantasy world of little Towdie. Now we finally found him and the work on the project can start in all earnest.

Hexagonia now on Samsung Galaxy SIII

18-08-2012 - Hexagonia is now available also on the latest Samsung mobile

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Mere 3 days after releasing Samsung Galaxy SIII version of Atomix, its sequel, Hexagonia is now also available on this smartphone. Both Atomix and Hexagonia for Samsung Galaxy SIII can now be ordered from Google Play.

Atomix now on Samsung Galaxy SIII

15-08-2012 - Atomix is now available also on the latest Samsung smartphone

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Rather than creating a mindless port which would be working on all Android devices, but which won't look great on any, we decided to design tailored versions for every most widespread tablet or smartphone separately. After Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Atomix is now available also on Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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Towdie - a first peek at work in the progress

First room - the kitchen, is now finished and we want you to tell us what you think!

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