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When we came up with an idea of the Re-loaded Retro Series, Towdie was the first title which sprung into our minds. However, the original graphic designer did not want to participate on the re-imagined version of the game, and it took us some time to find an adequate substitute.


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Our aim, when we started working on the remake of this classic puzzle game from the early 90s, was to take the game’s graphics to the 21st century while retaining all the charming simplicity of the original game. Have we succeeded? We let you be the judge of that!


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All what was said about Atomix, can be said about Hexagonia too, except that there is more of everything. While Atomix had 30 levels, Hexagonia has 54, and while Atomix had 26 types of atoms, Hexagonia has 51. Hexagonia is simply a super-charged sequel of Atomix!

Crux 2012

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Another puzzle game? You bet, but this time with an original sci-fi twist. While this game is on hold at the moment (due to little Towdie sucking up all our resources), it remains high on our agenda and it will be made. Please bear with us on this one, it will be worthwhile.


Under consideration

This is a selection of other titles published by Ultrasoft, which are all candidates for a possible remake. Tell us what you think.

We are considering to re-imagine also these titles:

What Next

Not only remakes

Of course, the remakes of our former titles are not the only games which we are going to develop...

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